Last Class in Fort Wayne for 2020 is currently October 23rd to the 25th.

Motorcycle Rider Training of Indiana affirms it has completed all necessary requirements to be considered a Motorcycle Operator Safety Education Course approved by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles for purposes of IC 9-24-8-4 and is hereby authorized to issue skills and written tests waiver to any applicants that have successfully completed the course.

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Basic Riding Course (BRC) $100

Do you need an endorsement?


No permit? 


Do you want to enhance your skills on a motorcycle?


*No Permit Required*

Experienced Rider Course (BRC-2) $75

Already have your endorsement?


Already taken BRC ?


Need to update your Military Requirement ?


Want to learn even more?

Advanced Rider Course (ARC) $75

Already have an endorsement ?


Already taken BRC2 ?


Need to update Military Requirement beyond the Experienced Rider Course?

3 Wheel Training (3WBRC) $250

Do you need a 3 wheeled only endorsement?


No permit?


Do want to enhance your skills on a 3 wheeled motorcycle?


*No Permit Required*

Riding Skills Test (RST) $25

Already have a permit ?


Just want to take a riding skills test for your endorsement ?


*By Appointment Only*